Temperature & humidity graphical display using Windows 10 IOT and Raspberry PI

TO Hosein: Change code to stop at temperature and humidity.  Tools also change. (No joystick needed.)  Also change graphical display to not show joystick etc.  

Browser display should be a seperate post.

Today’s project is “real time temperature and humidity graphical display using Windows 10 IOT and Raspberry”.

The goal of this project is to detect temperatuer and humidity and graphically display the results.  In our next project, we will push the graphical result to a website. If you connect your Arduino to a fan and heating system, then you could remotely control temperature and humidity levels in your home.  But first, let’s start with the graphical display on Windows 10.

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The Arduino setup to the various sensors is described in detail in a previous post.  See MEGA Project Schematic.





4) Copy the code below in ……

Common mistakes:


  • Line chart: shows  the movement of temperature over time
  • The gauges are drawn with Canvas.
    • Left gauge: real time temperature
    • Second gauge: real time humdity level

Temperature and Humidity Graphical Display on Windows 10 IOT

Source code for graphical display on Windows 10 IOT


















project Sourcecode

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