How to connect DHT22 to Raspberry Pi

DHT22 is a Temperature and Humidity Sensor. In this project we connect a DHT22 Sensor to a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS to measure the Temperature and Humidity. We use Python language and tkinter  Library to create Graphics and use Adafruit_DHT Library to read data from DHT22.

for downloading Adafruit_Python_DHT in terminal window issue the commands:

git clone

cd Adafruit_Python_DHT

sudo python install

Code walk through:

Now that  Adafruit_DHT library is installed we can import it in our code:

import Adafruit_DHT as dht

  1. On Raspberry Pi Create a directory
  2. download DHT22_Bar and unzip them in that folder
  3. On Raspberry Pi under Menu Programming select Thonny Python IDE
  4. from menu file open file
  5. Connect DHT22 Device to Raspberry Pi
  6. run the Python file

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